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Ecogether is established to form a community sharing different environmental issues on earth. We collect information around the world to bring awareness of climate change. Addressing the ecological crisis, our goal is to inform the practical action to behave eco-friendly in our daily lives. It’s an open space to express your story and engage your experience with the community. Ultimately, we aim to change social trends around sustainable consumption to recycle, reuse and reduce items.

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Hae Dn Kim

Hae Dn is a creative designer specialising in branding, motion graphics and interaction design. She has an enthusiasm to seek out a sustainable design solution to bring a positive social and environmental impact.

Contact: haednart@gmail.com

Melanie Chappuis

Melanie Chappuis is an artist combining different senses to interact and engage better in education. She produces environmental sounds from the wildlife to reconnect with nature. Her work aims to create an immersive learning experience in exploring the sustainable living of old civilizations from South America.

Contact: melaniechappuis@outlook.com

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