Anna Linnea Strøe
︎Minhos, Portuga & London, UK
I am interested in altering our perceptions of ourselves, our spaces, and our technologies to engender more interconnected ecological understandings. My project, Aether, is an exploration of how art, science, and technology can be combined to induce altered states of consciousness, and allow us to see that which is usually hidden from us: the fundamental, physical interconnection of all matter in our ecosystem. With this project, I aim to address and counteract the isolating and distancing effects of digital technologies, by using immersive technology to connect us back to ourselves and to our natural environment. The VR experience and study, Aether, visualizes our essential natures as energetic matter and allows the participant to interact with the biological “organism” which is the basis of all organic matter on earth. My installation, Under Aether, is a manifestation of this VR experience. Components of the experience that participants of Aether encountered are distilled into a sound piece, centred around a visual energetic focal point: a woven textile containing a digital print of the original imagery, an oil painting, on which the visual aesthetics of the VR experience were based.

Credits: I created the VR experience through collaboration with the Intangible Realities Laboratory and ArtSci International, with sound contributions from Yan Cheng.

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