Aqua Dentro

Eliza Collin 
︎ elizalicollin
︎ London, UK
By 2050 the UK will be suffering from serious water shortages contributing to widespread ecosystem destruction. Grassroots water recycling initiatives usually take place in countries where water is scarce and intervention is urgent. In the UK too much water is often the concern. As it increases and encroaches on our living spaces, our first reaction is to block it. Aqua Dentro suggests a not-so-distant future where incorporating domestic water recycling allows for regulated consumption, disposal and reclamation of this finite resource.

Aqua Dentro is a greywater filtration system, using localised production, materials and plants to reimagine the future of our domestic spaces. The greywater entering the system is channelled through a range of biological filters which use naturally occurring microorganisms to degrade wastewater contaminants, before being purified to drinking water standards.

This regenerative system is a vision which could result in households reducing their fresh water intake by more than 80% of the 143 litres we use per person daily in drier parts of the UK, and even more in more rain prone areas. The process invites us to address how we use water, what we put into it, and our day-to-day water habits. Challenging the way waste water is perceived could curb the impending water crisis predicted during this century.

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