A Growing Water Commons

Fatima-Zahrra Zoughy
︎ fatimazahrrazoughy
︎ www.fatimazahrrazoughy.com
︎ London, UK
I created “A Growing Water Commons” which was developed as a way to clean out the pollution in the Limehouse Cut in Poplar, London. This project was focusing closely on the application of sustainable solutions through innovative architectural techniques and designs. I explored, researched and studied new carbon-negative materials such as mycelium and I was able to produce a design that simultaneously cleaned out the polluted Canal, via growing edible plants, as well as feed the local public while teaching them about these sustainable solutions. 
This project embarks on a journey to first EDUCATE local issues pertaining to the Limehouse cut, REGENERATE through the act of communing and CELEBRATE taking back ownership of the water in the Limehouse basin.

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