The Wasteland

Noa Rodríguez Méndez

︎ Oroso, Galicia, Spain
With my project The Wasteland I seek to recover abandoned urban lands involving the population and the local institution. I investigate the local history and biodiversity in order to understand the causes that led to the collapse of these lands and what are the main problems that prevent the recovery of their ecosystem.

Then, using recycled material  I develop site-specific video installations for these wastelands portraying the local territory and the different ways of inhabiting it. With these interventions, I seek to call the attention of the neighbours by making them visit and pay attention to these spaces, as well as inviting them to reflect on the relationship they have with their environment.

As part of this process, I interview neighbours and experts, asking them to propose improvements for these lands according to ecological criteria. That is how these public interventions become a space for dialogue where we can find specific solutions that allow us to restore the ecosystem of these damaged lands.

By intervening in wastelands, I want to understand and reflect on our impact on the environments we inhabit, but also learn to perceive these abandoned lands as an opportunity to recover those same environments.

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