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There is something inexplicably satisfying in unwrapping. Whether the excitement is worthwhile or not should be considered together with the consequences of its disposal.

The throw-away culture of single-use products provides us with every day’s little delights that produce an amount of waste that our landfills cannot cope with. In the Fashion industry, the same fast pace of consumption and the cycle of planned obsolescence results in short-lived garments that we replace before its time.

Inspired by everyday’s throw-away routine, Disposability criticises the widespread underutilisation of Fashion through a series of basic items displayed as single-use products. It portrays the little thought we give at buying daily clothes, generally sold at low prices and used with little care.

However, while we make purchases based on short-term motivations, we find ourselves wearing the same basics for a long time, which demonstrates the long and intimate relationship we actually have with them. This is so because Fashion is not disposable.

As a final thought, the collages predict a disastrous future where, if we do not change habits, the amounts of textile waste will be unmanageable and we will be juggling with serious water scarcity and unprecedented quantities of textile waste.



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