Mother Land
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︎ London, UK
Motherland is a brand created for people over profit through collaboration. The aim is to explore conscious practices that contribute to building a sustainable future and the fashion industry. The concept came from the book 'The World Without Us' by Alan Weismann, who wrote about what was going to happen to the planet if humans were to disappear from the planet, and how the earth will reclaim all we have built. Therefore, Motherland explores how clothing would be reclaimed by the earth and altered into a utopian world.
Using nature as the primary reference for all research, taking aspects such as the anatomy of vegetation or insects, design details, or textures found in nature and translating these into materials.

Material research was a significant component of this project as I believe conscious materials need to be explored to demonstrate their potential and offer solutions to unsustainable fabrications.
Mother Land is a multidisciplinary platform that allows for the exploration of responsible practices through creativity, through collaboration this is possible. This project explored two collaborations, the first with Lara Pain Textiles who I worked collectively to produce a hand-knitted Jumper made of eco Hemp & Wool mixed yarn. The other collaboration was with Amelia Collis, creator of The Shag Rooms, the focus was on replicating the natural textures in a tufted format. Sourcing deadstock yarns of mohair and worsted wool we were able to create a tufted clutch bag that depicts imagery from my primary research.

Photography & Editing: Georgia Pizzala
Models: Nina Chahal, Toby Mukiibi
Collaborator: Lara Pain, Amelia Collis

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