Anna Cebular
︎ annacebular
︎London, UK
Anna Cebular is exploring conceptual gateway design with the incorporation ceramics, providing unique entry experiences.

Anna comes from a family-run gate making and blacksmithing background, designing special production gates. She also is a Master in ceramics with 20 years of experience. She intends to develop a new generation of sculptural entrance gates combining these two art forms.

“Guards of the Wilderness”
The gateway stands as a protector of our wild forests, communicating the need for regeneration and harmonious coexistence with the natural world. The surface design of the work is inspired by aerial views of wild forests. She uses mechanical kinetic processes used in robotics to draw attention to the invasion of man-made objects in the environment.

Design & Concept: Anna Cebular
3D Object: Michael Da Costa
Rigging: Aidan Lonergan
Animation: Joseph Sciberras Margrie

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