The Eternal Value of an Ephemeral Cloth

Apurva Srihari

︎ apurvasrihari
︎ London, UK
Imagine if textiles could improve the biodiversity around us, improve the soil conditions and enable us to be sustainable by growing our own food at the end of its life; or a 'green curtain' for the interiors that would let the sunlight shine through in winters and provide shade in summers. How would the world look like if we could engage and participate in the lifecycle a textile and eventually become a part of an ecological circle?

My work 'The Eternal Value of an Ephemeral Cloth' is an experimental journey that brings together seeds and textiles - two essential life elements which are rarely seen together. It explores the concept of compostable textiles, introducing new ideas and expressions which represents a participatory, sensory and visual experience. The collection comprises a series of woven textiles, embedding locally sourced seeds in wool that investigates various possibilities of the material.

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