Conscious Wearing

Katie Gibbon

︎ @ktl__g
︎ Bath, UK
I was inspired to create this collection to express my feelings around the current climate crisis we are experiencing. We are not only negatively impacting the planet and its inhabitants, but we are also endangering ourselves and the future of human life. I was driven to explore the potential of jewellery as a medium to encourage more conversation around the topic and to inspire people to be more conscious of their impact on the planet. I have cultivated a concept of ‘conscious wearing’ of jewellery by creating a series of fragile pieces which are easily broken or impacted in some way by the wearer. Some of my designs in the collection are so fragile that the wearer has to be constantly self aware in order to avoid breaking the piece. This ‘conscious wearing’ reflects the need for us to become more aware of and responsible for our actions which affect the planet we live on.

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