Maya Kubota
︎ maya.kubota
︎ London, UK
This project is about creating a new-old ephemera. It began with my obsession of collecting printed matters. I cannot throw things away easily. I also believe that it is almost impossible to create something new from scratch.

These are the act of restoration and creation of new-old ephemera:

Act 1. Gather any printed matters and use only found materials
Act 2. Reconstruct it to create a new material in a similar form
Act 3. Record the new form
Act 4. Print and display the record
Act 5. Repeat this cycle

Documentation is significant since there is no such thing as eternity. Things never stay the same condition and every change is worth of recording. I find the fragility of the handmade paper interesting, so I photographed the details. With this, I printed and overplayed the images to create a new form of ephemera. Additionally, this ephemera can be repurposed again by repeating the same process. It also prevents me from throwing my collection away.

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