Paul Theeratuch
︎ ttttwork
︎ London, UK
"You've probably seen me before, I'm everywhere because some of you threw me away." - BLUE.

Initially, a plastic bag was meant to save the earth. Then, it was meant to save trees. But now, plastic bags have become an environmental problem. As a result, plastic bags are everywhere. Sometimes it moves, sometimes it hides, sometimes it just stays there on the street.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to follow a plastic bag and experience how it feels? Where does it go? In this case it's BLUE The Plastic Bag.

BLUE will tell the story to reintroduce the plastic bag issues and the misunderstanding of plastic bags in the multiple-narrations short-interactive-mockumentary. By pairing the nudging theory with 3D and Augmented Reality, you will see that BLUE has its own life and agency.

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