Rafin Jannat
︎Dhaka, Bangladesh
& London, UK
What if home is a feeling and you are constantly wandering across different cultures and places to find that feeling? Picking up bits and pieces of things that give you this feeling but not being able to exactly pinpoint or locate it?” (Jarafin, 2021).

A Wayfarer’s Tale is the name of my final graduate collection, which I am currently still working on. Each look in the collection represents a different Wayfarer, each with a story of their own, travelling across time, cultures and countries to find a missing part of their identity. In this case, each garment or accessory of this collection embodies the idea that fashion has sentimental values attached to each material.

Jarafin is an emerging label that stands for ethical and conscious practices. It is situated between historical and contemporary aesthetics inspired by the founder’s Bangladeshi and Italian heritage combined with British aesthetics during the colonial occupation in South Asia during 1700-1947. The label aims to revive traditional handicrafts that are dying out such as Jamdani weaving, wood block print and Nakshi embroidery.

Photography: Sonya Mazuryk
Creative Direction: Rafin Jannat
Styling: Rafin Jannat
Hair & Makeup: Mathilde Moller

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