A Lighter Delicacy 

Sorawut Kittibanthorn
︎ gunnkittibanthorn
︎ London, UK

︎: Pichaya Sampanvejsobha
︎: Prod Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Turning waste chicken feathers from the poultry industry into an alternative and lean source of edible protein.

This project proposes an alternative way to manage the 2.3 million tonnes of EU feather waste from slaughterhouses by converting its nutrient component into a new edible product.

Chemically, chicken feathers are composed of approximately 91% protein (keratin) which contains up to eight types of essential amino acids that we require as part of a healthy diet. It has been proven that keratin protein from feathers is safe for general consumption within our daily diet.

By extracting these essential proteins, hydrolysis process is used to extract keratin proteins from piles of feathers. The days-long process creates a "tasteless" amber liquid, which I have then developed to turn into a tasty "meat-like product". The edible feather is completely safe, light in calories and provides us with the essential amino acids we require in daily life.

I believe that if we are to continue rearing and slaughtering millions of birds daily, then at the very least we have a responsibility to ensure that we safely and sustainably make use of every part of them.

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