TV board

Takashi Mitsuyuki

︎ takashi1748
︎ Tokyo, Japan
I made a TV board using a technique called Sashimono.

Some modern furniture is made of plywood to make it cheap and light. However, it’s harmful to the environment. Because disposable furniture produces much garbage and plywood is weak and fragile. Also, we usually use nails and screws when we assemble furniture. But wood tries to get rid of impurities inside so over time, the nails may come off, and the water in the wood may rust the metal.

However, the technique of Sashimono uses natural long-dried wood and also impurities don’t entre because the connection part is just a combination of carved wood like puzzle. And the wood at the connection swells a little when combined, making it even stronger. Since Sashimono is made of natural wood and can be disassembled by heating the connection, it can be repaired. Since Sashimono is said to be breathing furniture, it can prevent the clothes from getting damp and prevent the food from drying out.

This TV board was designed to fit modern life while using the technology of Sashimono. There are 4 drawers in the centre, and there are storages to show using sliding doors at both ends.

Material: Zelkova, walnut and  Linseed oil

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