Thea Brooman
︎ studio_pending
︎ London, UK
The Weather Station explores the circularity of water through the collection, transportation, storage, and use of precipitation on the Camden Highline. This focus has led to the project engaging with the site's climate and the imminent threat of climate change. It particularly focuses on mitigating any future unpredictable effects of the Urban Heat Island Effect in London and highlights how interconnected channels, systems and processes can allow for water to be used to benefit animal, plant and human. The architecture prioritises circular system thinking, both in the construction material of rammed earth and Water Sensitive Urban Design techniques, to show how blue-green architecture can be adopted to cope with the future effects of UHI Effect and climate change within the spaces of the city. The structures within the Weather Station will act as a poetic and practical investigation which views both landscape and architecture as one. The landscape acts as a catchment area, as the project prioritises the use of the natural resource by challenging 3 current issues: Biodiversity through the incorporation of multiple habitat conditions, De-carbonisation through the use of natural materials and filtration systems over industrial water collection and treatment, and; Community Wellbeing with surrounding communities of Camden and King’s Cross becoming part of the cyclic system. Through the engagement of growing within the greenhouse's of the Weather Station.

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